Child-Parent Psychotherapy

The SOAR Child-Parent Psychotherapy Clinic offers intervention for children 0-5 and their primary caregivers who have experienced trauma such as:


– Maltreatment
– A sudden or traumatic death of someone close
– A serious accident
– Sexual abuse
– Exposure to domestic violence
– A serious illness or medical procedure


Children who experience trauma can experience behavioral problems, emotion dysregulation and developmental regression. CPP can improve these symptoms and the relationship between the child and parent. The primary goal is to support and strengthen the relationship between a child and his or her primary caregiver in order to repair the child’s sense of safety and attachment.


Essential Components of CPP Include:

  • Focus on the primary caregiver-child relationship
  • Safety
  • Managing feelings (For example: foster a primary caregiver’s ability to respond in helpful, soothing ways when child is upset, and working with the child to develop effective ways to communicate and manage their feelings.)
  • Exchange of feelings in relationships (For example, highlight love and understanding for primary caregiver and child)
  • Focus on the traumatic event
  • Stability of daily living


If you are interested in learning more about the SOAR Child-Parent Psychotherapy Clinic, contact Melody Boling at (573) 884-6324 or email us.


Download SOAR CPP flyer here.